Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ferment all the things!

Ive been really getting into a groove with my ferments. They're so crazy easy and I've enjoyed connecting with the anthropological history of what I'm eating. My endeavours are not too adventurous, but the great thing is that it's easy to learn and needs only very basic supplies, so is accessible. I won't expound the virtues of fermenting, but you can learn about it if you're curious.

So! I have been drinking kombucha for a year. Over the spring/summer I got really good at the "2nd fermentation" (or 2F), which is taking the fermented tea and flavouring it, while also locking it into a pressure top bottle (a flip top!) and letting it sit on the counter for a couple of days to make it fizzy. It's like pop, but actually good for you! 

I also started a sourdough starter, which consists of flour and water, a jar and 5 days! So easy and yielded amazing bread. The bread had some learning curves, but it was fun experimenting! 

I also started a new batch of sauerkraut. It took me 5 months to work up the nerve to eat my last batch, which I made in January. I have finally consumed one jar, so have one left. I have two more on my counter which will be ready to hit the fridge in another month or so. 

I also made fermented peppers and garlic! I imagine the garlic is not quite done, brined garlic takes 6+ weeks to be ready, but the peppers are ready, so into the fridge. They taste a little bit like roasted brined peppers, which is delightful! They are still a bit too salty, but they can't sit out anymore (too soft!!). They are, however, very pretty!!

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