Friday, February 13, 2015

What looks like a hot mess but tastes delicious?

Im challenging myself (as Executive Chef of the Graham Household) to use up the contents of our deep freezer and pantry. There is some weird bits and bobs in there. Among them, 50000 tortilla wraps, about 9oz of frozen black beans and a jar of mole sauce bought in Mexico about 3 years ago. A dear friend fed us this amazing budget bytes recipe when we were over for dinner in the summer. We loved it.

The corn tortillas did not thaw nicely, being rather freezer burnt, so they will get used for another round of green enchiladas. Fortunately I had over purchased wraps at Superstore last week  (it was the same price for 2 as for 1), so I used those instead. The mole sauce was a bit of a mess, I kept having to add a ton of water to it as I was making it up because it was too thick. So I didn't use it all... Plus it's too spicy for my delicate white girl taste buds, so I ended up scraping it all off the top before I ate it, leaving just enough kick and mole flavour to keep it from being completely bland.

-added 3 shredded carrots
-1 whole diced pepper (orange if you care)
-1 cup old cheddar (shoulda added more!!)

Wish I had added lime juice to the veggie mix, except that our citrus juicer thing went missing last summer and I only just replaced it yesterday.

I'm eating them on day 5, the avocados are starting to be a bit sad but everything else is doing nicely.

These are a good lunch option as they are nicely contained and can be picked up (unless your sauce is runny) or cut up with a knife and fork.

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