Monday, November 4, 2013

Dinner, things you learn at farmers markets, and special friends

Last night we were privy to our amazing wedding-photographer-turned-friend joining us for dinner. She was in Vancouver shooting a wedding the day before, so came for dinner before heading back home.

(Picture from our wedding!!)  If you are looking for an amazing, intelligent, hard working, talented and artistic photographer (for anything, she climbs mountains for fun), we highly recommend Melissa Welsh Photography.  Each picture turned out perfectly and we were so impressed by the high quality and professionalism!  Also, she was so much fun to work with!!

We were much too busy having fun to take pictures, so instead you get leftover shots (guess what I'm having for dinner tomorrow!!).

Winter chanterelle risotto. Winter chanterelles are slightly different than regular chanterelles, smaller, more mushroomy taste, but just as buttery and delicious.

Kale and brussel sprout salad. Delish. Recipe below.

I also made chicken and roasted a kabocha squash. Yum!! 

Sour cherry pie from Her majesty's pie company, purchase at the farmers market! Aaaaaamazing! We served it with vanilla ice cream from Rocky Point Ice Cream company.

So delish.  

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