Friday, November 1, 2013

30 day green smoothie challenge

So, I decided to do this raw cleanse. It's not vegan because I am allowed to eat a very small amount of raw local honey if I need to.

It's a company called Young and Raw. It appeals to me because I'm kind of desperate to heal my eczema. Also I eat a lot of raw stuff to begin with, so going fully raw for 3 weeks isn't that much of a stretch. I'll post about it when I get going on it.

In the meantime, they're hosting a 30 day green smoothie challenge. They posted day 1 last night, so I prepped everything for this morning. This is a fun challenge for us because we already drink smoothies almost every day (and the same smoothie), but it's a bit boring, so 30 new smoothies sounded appealing!!

Today was day 1. It was cucumber and ginger and parsley and more, and it was pretty good! Although a little... Leafy? I added too much water and our blender couldn't blend it fine enough (it's not a vitamix).

But look how pretty it is!!

It didn't have much staying power, but it was tasty.

Tomorrow is day 2! If this interests you, look up the Young and Raw 30 Day Smoothie Challenge on Facebook. The pinned post at the top has a 5-day-at-a-time grocery list as well as the smoothie recipes (which are posted in 3 day chunks). 

In the meantime, I'm going to bed!

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