Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I'm a shift worker.  I work in a high-stress, fast paced environment where my break times are not always guaranteed.  I believe in whole foods.  I'm not one of those people who terribly enjoys cooking, but I like it enough to make enough food to feed myself and my wife (who actually IS a chef, but is absolutely buried in school for the next 2 years).  I can't bring myself to eat most processed foods.  I still eat *way* too much sugar.

I'm trying really hard to like kale.  So far, we're still not very good friends.

I struggled for the first several years as a shift worker of what on earth to eat while running around during a 12 hour shift.  Tweaking things helped my body cope with the physical and mental rigours of my job, for example I lay off the simple carbs in the morning and at lunch time to help prevent that 2pm crash (if I'm lucky enough to get my lunch before 2pm), however a sweet thing in the late afternoon helps propel me through the last hurdle of my day.

I blog mostly from my phone.  The pictures I take aren't food porn quality, so don't expect that.  I use my iPhone.

This blog was inspired by my lovely co-workers, who think I should give up my job to make lunches professionally (haha, you guys are funny, here's a blog instead).  They are the reason I smile at work and love my job as much as I do.  So <3 to you guys.

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