Sunday, October 27, 2013

Catching up

Shift work and general business makes your brain squishy.

Here's what I've been up to in the past few days (have finished a day and a night, have 1 more night tonight).

J wanted egg muffin things with bacon around the outside for breakfast one day, so I happily obliged since the last 2 pieces of bacon needed to get used up. These are a brilliant breakfast! I put very finely diced potatoes and peppers in the bottom, and then poured about an egg per muffin tin. I meant to add spinach but forgot. Topped with a little bit of goat cheese, and then into the oven for you!! These are a perfect breakfast to-go, since they can be frozen! I won't post a recipe since there are a million in Pinterest.

We made chicken salad rolls for dinner. Lots of veg, homemade peanut sauce and some baked chicken. J told me what she put in her sauce but I can't remember. These wrappers are square, they're also a good brand!! We've become partial to the square ones.

These take a fair amount of prep, but it's not totally obnoxious. Plus, people can customize their own rolls so there is less whining. We use mung-bean noodles. 

Any my awesome salad for my day shift! I had an overwhelming urge to consume sprouts, so I added those. Lettuce, pepper, cucumber, carrot, kohlrabi, sprouts, avocado, sunflower seeds, almonds, chickpeas and dried cranberries. With our homemade dressing. I made 4 of these, since yesterday we had a daytime event and needed a lunch. I added the rest of dinner's chicken to J's salads. 

I usually post my entire lineup of multiple-day lunches, but instead I thought I would just post one day. Left to right, top to bottom, B = breakfast and so on:
Granola (B), diced pear (B), apple-pumpkin crisp (D), squash chickpea curry with quinoa (D), salad (L), almond milk (B), apple, chocolate zucchini muffin, water bottle. 

Now that I've posted a whole week, including all my prep, I can see how much work I put into my meals, all the different elements that I made separately that come together. It does require forethought and planning, but it's not terrible.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for today. Dragging myself out of bed to get ready for night shift #2 tonight, which of course I woke up at 1430 and haven't fallen back asleep!

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